Quote1 Why did the Ring have to choose me? I could be safely at home, watching cartoons and eating firecracker chips right now! Quote2
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Jessica Cruz is Super Hero High School's newest Green Lantern, chosen when Hal Jordan left for Oa to complete his training. Jessica is pretty anxious, insecure and self-conscious and doesn't think she is ready to be a hero, let alone a Green Lantern.

Jessica used to work as Lois Lane's camera operator. Her life changed when Sinestro took advantage of Hal Jordan and other heroes' absence to attack Metropolis. Frightened, Jessica took shelter in the Capes & Cowls coffee shop, where she was found and chosen by a Green Lantern Ring.

Two weeks after her appointment, she headed to Oa for her official induction ceremony together with Carol Ferris, Supergirl and Big Barda.






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