Jessica Fallon was an FBI Agent tasked with the capture of the alien spy known as Voodoo.

Her partner, for whom she had romantic feelings, decided to take on the target by himself, given that Voodoo had taken the form of an attractive exotic dancer. Voodoo murdered him and stole his identity. She then used the disguise to seduce Fallon, and find out her intentions.

Voodoo let Fallon live, but when the agent discovered that she had been fooled by the enemy, she vowed to capture her. Earlier in her career, Jessica had been one of the Black Razors' star agents alongside Black Jack. After Voodoo stole information about Earth's super-humans, Fallon and Black Jack came up with a risky plan to track down Voodoo: to release the real Priscilla Kitaen from captivity. Voodoo was a hybrid Daemonite-Human clone of the woman.

When Voodoo returned from space as the commander of all of the Earth's hybrid clones, Agent Fallon and Priscilla were all that stood between her and her new mission.



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