Jessica Midnight is a former Checkmate agent who became mentally unstable after her cohorts were hunted down by the Leviathan Organization.

She hid out in Heath Town for days. As the neighbors became concerned by her behavior, the police were called to check in on her.[3][2][4]

She threatened a cop who entered her apartment, believing him to be a member of Leviathan. As he tried to convince her he was only there to help, she turned the gun on herself but was stopped before she could commit suicide and knocked out after her head forcefully hit a nearby wall.[3]

Lois Lane later disguised herself as a nun to meet her in the Royal Wolverhampton hospital where she was admitted and kept under watch. Jessica assumed her to be a member of Leviathan too and asked Lois who she was.[4]

Sister Clarice helped her escape so she could help find the Kiss of Death who had targeted Lois, since she was experienced in occultism.[2]





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