Jessica Palmer is the Atom of Earth-15.

A child prodigy, Jessica first began studying science at age five when she attempted to prove the existence of a Multiverse. At age eight she graduated from M.I.T. and by the time she was eighteen, she was adventuring as a costumed super-hero. As the Atom, Jessica has the ability to condense her size and mass, enabling her to shrink to small sizes. The nature of this ability as well as any inherent limitations thereof is as of yet unknown. Jessica's theory about the existence of a Multiverse was proven when she met a group of travelers who hailed from the realities of New Earth and Earth-3. One of the group, Donna Troy, told her that she was searching for a missing colleague named Ray Palmer - Jessica's New Earth counterpart who also adventured under the code name the Atom.



  • Although Jessica's last name is Palmer, it is unknown whether a variant version of Ray Palmer exists on Earth-15 and if she is of any relation to Ray.



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