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Jessica Walter (b. January 31, 1941 – d.March 24, 2021) portrayed Gloria Marquez on the series Wonder Woman and voiced Athena on the series Justice League Action and Granny Goodness on the series Harley Quinn.

Pictured: Jessica Walter as Gloria Marquez from the Wonder Woman episode "The Return of Wonder Woman".

Work History

Acting Credits

Wonder Woman 1975-1979 Gloria Marquez
     "The Return of Wonder Woman" September 16, 1977 Gloria Marquez
Justice League Action 2016-2018 Athena
     "The Trouble with Truth" June 3, 2017 Athena
Harley Quinn 2019- Granny Goodness
     "Inner (Para) Demons" May 22, 2020 Granny Goodness

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