Jessica's father was a corporate whistleblower, which forced the two to enter Witness Protection. In the fall of 2002, Jessica and her father fled the program, trying to escape a corrupt Marshal, who was after them. Assuming the identities of Jessie and Ed Brooks, she and her dad arrived in Smallville, where she enrolled at Smallville High School. On her first day, she met Clark Kent, whom she took an instant liking towards. Clark, then under the influence of Red Kryptonite, reciprocated the attraction.

However, the corrupt Marshal had managed to track her and her father to Smallville. Jessica planned to flee town, together with Clark, but due to the Red Kryptonite, he turned against her and wanted the information her dad had, hoping to collect a million-dollar reward for it. However, Clark's attack on Jessica and her dad, was interrupted by Jonathan Kent and Pete Ross, who managed to subdue Clark with Green Kryptonite and destroyed his Red Kryptonite ring. Afterwards, Jessica and her dad left Smallville.

  • Jessie Brooks was portrayed by Sara Downing.
  • Jessie's real name was never established. However, at one point Ted Palmer calls her "Jessica". Presumably that is her first name.



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