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Jewlee is a criminal, murderer, and an inmate in Arkham Asylum. She is also Punch's partner in crime and lover.

I Am Suicide

Jewlee was an inmate in Arkham Asylum, a convicted felon of four known murders incarnated on a life sentence without parole. Two years prior to Batman's formation of his Suicide Squad, she went into a catatonic state after her partner and lover Punch disappeared. She was among the three inmates that Batman hand-picked with the permission of Dr. Jeremiah Arkham for his mission to infiltrate Santa Prisca. Upon entering her cellmate, Batman asked Commissioner Jim Gordon, who revealed to be Punch, and punched him forcing him to reveal his disguise much to Jewlee's delight as she greeted her lover with a tight embrace. It was revealed that Batman's decision for Jewlee to be on his suicide team was because of her partner Punch, who managed to escape Santa Prisca. After she reunited with Punch in Arkham, she joined Batman's team to bring back Psycho-Pirate from Santa Prisca.[1]

Jewlee was assigned to be with Punch and Bronze Tiger as they directly asked to enter Santa Prisca under the pretense that Bronze Tiger brought back Punch who escaped the prison to Bane using Jewlee as a bait. As they conversed to Bane, Catwoman suddenly appeared and seemingly exposed their plan of helping Batman to break Bane's back. Angry by Catwoman's betrayed, Jewlee ran to Catwoman but was then slashed in her neck by Catwoman and appeared to be killed along with Punch.[2] Their lifeless bodies were transferred out of the prison and into the ocean. However, they were revealed to be alive, faking their own deaths as part of the plan by Batman all along. After falsifying their deaths from Catwoman's claws, they escaped through an incinerator door where they created a raft for the team. As the duo reunited with the rest of Batman's team, they were heading to the Bat-Sub as Batman revealed his promise to them were to allow them to visit each other once a month in Akrham.[3]


  • Deception: Jewlee managed to put on an act and fool Bane into believing that she was caught by Bronze Tiger and angry by Catwoman's betrayal. She was also skilled enough to pretend she was dead without raising any suspicions.[2]

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