Ji is Chameleon Boy's aunt who raised him and his brother Liggt.

R.J. Brande was the mate of her sister Zhay and later the business partner of her brother Theg (Doyle Brande). R.J. left his son in Ji's care.

Ji's first visit off of Durla was marked by her being attacked with a group of Legionnaire's parents by Dagon the Avenger.[1]

  • In Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes #7, she is called "Ji Daggle", but later, she was revealed to be R.J. Brande's sister-in-law, and would thus not have the same surname.
    • In Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 6 10 Reep confronts the woman who raised him who he calls R'Aesha. This R'Aesha claims RJ was her brother but Reep was raised by Zhay's sister Ji.



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