Quote1 I've made a promise long ago, Batman. I will never be anyone's victim. No one will have a say in my destiny except me! No one will ever hurt me. Quote2
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Jill was born twins to Charlotte Rivers, but their father, Mayor Hady, separated them early in their lives. Jill grew up as a bad seed and, going by the alias of "Chase", went on crime sprees in Russia and China. At some point, she met up with her long lost sister. Then, Hampton returned to Gotham after a long absence to put her plan into effect. She killed Boris Gorky and his goons, using the ongoing Joker riot as a way to escape. She then met up with Mr. Mosaic and received the new Iceberg Casino VIP pass from him by pointing a gun at his head. In the Iceberg Casino hotel, Chase and her partner, Snakeskin, discuss their plan. Unknowing to Snakeskin, Chase had been using him the entire time. Hampton's entire reason for returning to Gotham was grabbing all the money that she knew was stocked in the Iceberg Casino. The rookie villains who the money belonged to ended up catching her but, thanks to Batman, she escaped only to be captured by the Penguin. Cobblepot held a gun to her head, but Batman again came and saved Chase from death. After her rescue, Hampton was taken to prison where an unhappy Mr. Mosaic refused to give her any help. Instead, an attorney comes to help her out. The man, however, is not an attorney at all nor does he intend to help Chase out. It is really an angry Snakeskin in disguise.


  • Psychokinesis: Jill showed that she could open about six large safes at once by raising her hand.[1]




  • Acid Shooter: A small tube kept under Jill's wrist acts that can quickly spray a green acid at her will


  • Throwing Stars



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