Jimmy Peake was a drug smuggler and criminal, who operated in Gotham City. He was caught and apprehended by James Gordon by the time he was still a lieutenant. Seven years later, the Jazzman was free again and was working in the same line of work as he did before. Police Commissioner Gordon prepared a raid to arrest him and stop his illegal activities. However, the Jazzman was prepared and ambushed the Gotham City Police Department as they attacked his hideout. The battle was eventually halted by Batman but Police Commissioner Gordon was severely injured by one of Peake's bullets. Jimmy Peake was convicted to Stonegate Penitentiary. Before he was sent to trial, he managed to escape prison with help from another inmate. Peake's first idea was to go to the hospital where Gordon was being held and shoot him for good. He would have killed him, had it not been for Batman and Harvey Bullock's interference. After all that, the Jazzman was arrested again. [1]




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