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Jinnifer "Jinn" Pierce is the metahuman daughter of Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning of Earth-2. After allying herself with the A.S.A., Jinn went evil and slaughtered all the metahumans in Freeland as well as her own family.

Jinnifer Jinn Pierce was born from the metahuman hero Jefferson Pierce and the scientist Lynn Stewart; she also had a sister, Anissa. Jinn inherited his father's metahuman abilities, being able to from her body but her powers did not manifest until she was a teenager.

At some point in time around 2018 or 2019, the A.S.A. invaded Freeland to control the metahumans in the pod who were being studied in the city. Chief Percy Odell recruited her into his agency, becoming its main enforcer in the metahuman war.

Jefferson discouraged her from allying herself with Odell but she refused his help and, as Odell ordered her, she murdered in cold blood every metahumans in Freeland. After that, his father was forced to fight her but he was not strong enough to overpower her so he was also executed by Jinn as well as her mother and her sister.

In October 2019, Earth-2 was hit by an anti-matter wave from the Anti-Monitor's anti-matter cannon. Reality began to disappear from existence so Jinn's subconscious used her later abilities to save her mind into a safe place, a pocket dimension of her own creation, to spare her from annihilation.

Jinn survived in her own dimension until months later when, after the Crisis erupted, two dopplegangers of her reached Jinn into the safe place. After telling each other their own histories, Jinn was erased from existence as reality catched up with her, living the same fate of her own universe.[1]



  • It is unknown Jinn Pierce was somehow brought back to life after the Multiverse's rebirth as her own reality entirley changed from its Pre-Crisis state.
  • Jinn was one of the few survivors of Earth-2 after its annihilation, along with Doctor Light, King Shark and Black Siren.
  • She also followed the pattern of other realities' heroes being villains on Earth-2.