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Jo Muñoz is a political activist who becomes the girlfriend and later wife to Alysia Yeoh. This connection has made her a friend to Yeoh's former roommate Barbara Gordon who is also known as Batgirl.

During the planning of Jo and Alysia's wedding, Jo was kidnapped by Velvet Tiger. Jo had been working to liberate the tigers illegally smuggled into Gotham by Gilcom. With help from Batgirl, Alysia was able to rescue her fiancee.[1] Jo married Alysia in a ceremony with Barbara and Frankie Charles serving as bridesmaids. Black Canary played the music at the wedding.[2]

  • Jo's official last name has not been given in the comics at the time of this writing. However, in response to a Twitter question by DC Database staff, Jo's creator Gail Simone gave her official last name as "Muñoz."[3]