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Quote1.png You don't get rid of me that easily! I'll keep coming back! Until every last one of you is put out of action! Quote2.png
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Catwoman is a Los Angeles-based vigilante with cat-powers.

Famous fashion model Joan Jordan was relaxing in her penthouse with her cat, Ebony, when both were struck by a bolt of green lightning. Something about the lightning changed them, linking their minds, increasing Ebony's intelligence and allowing Joan all of a cat's speed, agility and physical skills. After using her new powers to stop a group of would-be kidnappers, Joan designed a costume and set out to become one of the emerging wave of super-powered crime fighters appearing across the country, calling herself Catwoman.


  • Feline Physiology: After being struck by a bolt of green lightning, Joanie Jordan was given the powers of a cat. She was struck along with her cat, giving them a connection.[1]
    • Enhanced Senses: She is more alert with every nerve in her body tingling and on edge.[1]
    • Claws: She can extend her fingernails like claws turning them into long sleek white protrusions.[1]
    • Enhanced Strength: She is strong enough to tear through cars, walls and armor.[1]
    • Enhanced Speed: She is incredibly fast, she can dodge bullet fire and react swiftly with cat-like reflexes.[1]
    • Enhanced Leaping: She can leap from rooftop to rooftop with ease as well as bounce through a room and on-top or over guards.[1]
    • Psychic Link: She is linked to her cat Ebony due to the green lightning bolt they were struck with. She can hear Ebony's thoughts and they can communicate on a deeper level.[1]


  • Joanie is never mentioned by her first name, "Joan".
  • Joanie wears a black wig with small cat-ears in her Catwoman alias. She also designed and sewed her own costume with the skills she gained from modeling.[1]