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Joan Williams is an Earth-3 scientist and the wife of the former superhero, Jay Garrick aka Flash.

Joan Williams was a Keystone City scientist that was hired as an assistent to Jay Garrick after he gave up being the Flash. Eventually, the two of them fell in love and got married.

When Barry Allen of Earth-1 came to Earth-3 asking for Jay's help, the former Flash introduced him to his wife who shocked the Scarlet Speedster as she was the doppleganger of her late mother.

Then, Joan and Jay prepared a neural projector which was combined with Jay's helmet to help Barry foresee the incoming arrival of the Crisis. As the visions of future shocked Barry, Joan read a poem to awaken him.

After the Garricks breached Barry back home, Barry's lover, Iris, revealed to Joan that she was the counterpart of Barry's mother. Then, she and Jay returned to Earth-3.[1]

Later that year, when the Crisis erupted, Joan was erased from existence along with her reality after an antimatter wave destroyed Earth-3 and the remaining realities.[2] Later, after the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Joan was presumably brought back to life along with the other Earth-3 residents.[3]