Little of Freestyle's past is known, but it has been revealed that she is the fifth of seven children and that she grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. To help make herself stand out in a large family, Jocelyn took up gymnastics. She excelled at the sport and was already a highly skilled gymnast before being a part of Project: Genesis.


Jocelyn was tested "gen-positive" and taken to Project:Genesis, a project funded by International Operations with the goal to create superpowered soldiers under their control. Using activator drugs, the gen-positive subjects were turned Gen-Active and immediately cryogenically frozen. Jocelyn's powers, being more subtle than those of other Gen-Actives, activated without the project's managers noticing, but when the guards came for Gen-Actives Evo and Sublime, Jocelyn tried to use her powers to escape. The guards hit her with an electroshock gun and froze her as well. Shortly afterwards the actions of John Lynch and Gen 13 forced Project Genesis Director Ivana Baiul to flee, taking the frozen Gen-Actives with her.

The Gen-Actives were thawed on Ivana's base on the Caballito Island and trained to become DV8. Ivana considered Freestyle a threat though, because her powers were unpredictable and DV8-member Copycat was incapable of controlling her; a backlash would hit her whenever she would try. Freestyle was frozen again and left behind on Caballito Island when the team left.

Many months later, DV8 returned to Caballito Island and an experiment of Ivana unleashed Copycat's multiple personalities, who were now trying to possess others. To stop them, Ivana tricked one of the unleashed personalities into possessing Freestyle. The backlash knocked the alternate personalities back into Copycat and Ivana decided to add Freestyle to the team again. She used Freestyle's ability to crack the codes on the secret files of I.O. director Miles Craven and used these files to eventually blackmail her way back into I.O., this time as its leader. Freestyle and her fellow Deviants were now official agents of International Operations.

During her time in the Deviants Freestle did her best to get along with rest of the team. Unlike most of her teammates though, Freestyle always had a strong distaste for violence. She eventually befriended Sublime and Copycat and started a tentative romantic relationship with Evo. This relationship would prove to be short-lived as Freestyle found it difficult to even look at Evo after she saw him rip apart an enemy, who had been trying to flee during a mission.

After the breakup of DV8, Freestyle went to Las Vegas where she took a job as an exotic dancer. Using her powers to clean up at the casinos, Jocelyn bought the club she'd been working at only a month after starting there. Freestyle was last seen having an unwelcome reunion with her old DV8 field leader Threshold.

Gods and Monsters

Jocelyn and the others members of DV8 were mysteriously transported to an alien planet inhabited by warring primitive human tribes. She and the rest of DV8 were separately abducted by these tribes and treated as gods to them. Unlike the rest of DV8, Jocelyn was one of the few who bothered to treat the natives as true equals and becoming friends with them. In which she honestly helped them in improving their lives by building aqueducts, sanitation, and shoring up existing buildings against seismic activity.


  • Precognition: Jocelyn has the ability to psionically view multiple possible timelines and subconsciously chooses the best course of action for herself from these possibilities. She has little control over this power, and when placed in a situation where she can't escape her powers still automatically activate.
  • Mental Shield: Another side-effect of her powers protects Freestyle from Copycat's mental powers.
  • Spatial Awareness: She also has a perfect sense of direction. It is unknown if this is related to her powers or just a natural talent.


  • Masterful Gymnast: Freestyle is an excellent gymnast and uses her powers to increase her formidable agility to superhuman levels.


  • Accelerated Aging: A side-effect of this power is that she ages at an incredible rapid pace when using her power for a prolonged period. Ivana has theorized that Freestyle actually lives through all the possible timelines until she finds one that is favorable to her. For example, when Ivana forced her to decrypt I.O.'s secret files, her powers forced her to keep trying until she was finished. Though she only needed a few minutes to crack the codes, she was aged many years and near death. Freestyle quickly returns to her actual age when she stops using her powers.



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