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Quote1.png .. After all, I'm heir to Kellogg Manse. If I die, Jepson gets it .. But isn't he supposed to be in the South Seas? .. Yes .. There's the old place! Quote2.png
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Merlin was a sorceror who used his skills to fight evil in the 1940s.

Jock Kellogg was a bored young playboy who unexpectedly learned from his dying British uncle that he was the heir to the powers of Merlin the magician. Donning Merlin's hooded cloak, which gave him all his ancestor's powers, Kellogg became the new Merlin and opposed every sort of evil-doer, from orphanage embezzlers to the Nazis to the God of War himself.[1]




  • Merlin's Cloak

  • Jock Kellogg is the hereditary Laird of the old Kellogg Manse, in Dundee, Scotland.[3]
  • Jock's nationality is not mentioned in any of the first few issues of National Comics. He lives in London and owns a lordship in Scotland.