Jodi Melville was a student at Smallville High, who was frequently bullied for being overweight.

Obsessed with losing weight, Jodi stopped eating and began to only consume vegetable shakes, that she had made with vegetables from her father's greenhouse. What Jodi didn't realize was that the vegetables had been exposed to green meteor rocks. In just two days, Jodi lost 60 pounds. However, her enhanced metabolism affected her body. As her body was constantly burning fat, she had to eat massive amounts of food, to keep herself from starving to death.

Driving home, one night, she ran over a deer. When she walked up to the injured animal, she discovered that she could absorb the deer's body fat. The next day, Jodi attacked Dustin Crenshaw, a classmate who used to bully her, and drained his body fat. Putting Dustin in a coma.

That night, Jodi was asked to Lana Lang's birthday party, by Pete Ross. However, when he came to pick her up, Jodi could feel that her body needed to absorb more fat. Not wanting to hurt Pete, one of the few who had been nice to her, she tried to get him to leave, but Pete stayed. Jodi tried to resist, but finally couldn't fight her cravings and tried to drain Pete. However, she was stopped by Clark Kent. Afterwards, Jodi was taken to a hospital.


  • Accelerated Metabolism: Jodi's body digests food and fat at an accelerated rate.
    • Fat Absorption: As a side effect of her accelerated metabolism, Jodi's body has developed an ability to absorb the body fat of other living beings.
      • Elasticity: In order to drain her victims of body fat, Jodi's body developed an ability to stretch her mouth.


  • Power Instability: Jodi is unable to control her body's metabolism. As a result, she constantly have to consume food and fat, to replace the body fat, that her body have burned up.



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