Jody Robbins is an employee at Project Cadmus and fiancé to the super-powered OMAC in his civilian identity as Kevin Kho.

She was present when Brother Eye transformed him for the first time and had him attack Cadmus, although she did not realize the dual identity.[1] Kevin was forced into Brother Eye's personal agenda, and Jody stayed behind at Cadmus to deal with the Checkmate investigation of the attacks.[2] Her fiancé was placed at the top of Homeland Security's watchlist, and she received a call from him in prison although their conversation was cut off by a corrupt guard.[3] Kevin was unable to share his secrets without risking her life, and she angrily threatened to leave him for lying to her.[4] During a double-date with her fiancé and co-worker Tony Jay, they were attacked by a member of the Female Furies named Sweet Leilani. The restaurant was destroyed and Kevin was forced to flee so they wouldn't discover his secret.[5] Finally he decided to tell her the truth while he had been hunted down by Maxwell Lord. Brother Eye was destroyed, and his final act was to give Kevin his mind back at the expense of trapping him in the OMAC body forever. Believing himself to be a monster, OMAC told Jody that Kevin was dead. Despite her pleas for him to stay because she loved him, he walked away.[6]



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