Joe Giella (b. June 27, 1928) is an artist.

Personal History

Giella attended the School of Industrial Art in Manhattan and also studied at the Art Students League.

Professional History

Joe Giella is a comic book artist, best known for his contributions to the media in the 1960's. He started working in the 1940s as a freelancer for Fawcett Publications and Timely Comics, where he got the chance to ink the Captain America comic book. Soon he started working for DC Comics on books like Green Lantern, Flash and a few others under the direction of Julius Schwartz. He continued working for DC all the way through the 60's, when he was often collaborating with artist like Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane, Sheldon Moldoff among many others. He remained a constant staff member of DC Comics until the early 80s, when he moved away from comics and started working on commercial art and comic strips.

Work History

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