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Joe Orlando (b. April 4, 1927 – d.December 23, 1998) was a writer.

Professional History

Joe Orlando started his comic book career as an illustrator at EC Comics in the early 1950s. He then worked for Warren Publishing and other companies before winding up at DC Comics, first as a writer, then editor and finally as the Vice President of the company. It was under his editorship in the 1970s, that the revamping of DC's mystery line became so successful. By allowing magic to be "real," and featuring various occult heroes, such as Phantom Stranger and Swamp Thing in the titles, he gave a much needed overhaul of the earlier silly supernatural-hoax stories that prevailed in the 1950s.

Personal History

Born in Italy, Orlando immigrated to the U.S., where he attended art school and often won prizes. From there, he joined the Military Police and then went to Europe. Upon returning, he went to art college and studied at the Art Students' League. He started working on "comics" in 1949, drawing for Treasure Chest. He died in 1998, leaving behind his wife Karin and four children.

Work History

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