Joh is a young girl and friend of Tim Hunter.

Joh lives, and works as a barmaid, along with Accasbel in one of the four free houses, sanctuaries outside the realms who welcomes everyone as long as they follow the rules, called The Inn Between Worlds.

For a long time in the Inn stayed Mr. Currie while he investigated the different realities created by Tim Hunter, in hopes to find the real one.[1] At this time, Joh saw different pictures of Tim, and stole one of them, as she kinda liked the boy.

Months after the departure of Mr. Currie, she got lost due to the storms created by The Other, that opened the doors separating the realms, and found a girl named Mary. Both girls decided to travel together until find the Inn Between Worlds. Once again on the free house, Joh convinced Accasbel to give a job to Mary, with who grew a deep friendship.[2]

As the doors of the realms were opened, different creatures started roaming the lands, between them a dream of Tamlin, the father of Tim Hunter, who found the boy close to the inn, and traveled back with him to have a drink. Joh saw Tim for the first time in the flesh, since she saw the pictures from Currie, and inmediatly fell in love. Later, guilty of betraying Joh, Tim confesed that he has been Mary all the time with the help of a glamour stone. Joh slapped him, but later forgave him, as he was still his best friend.[3]

Accasbel later tasked Mary to help Drunk in creating a new batch of beer, while Joh keep her normal duties. When the work was done, both girls where ordered to gave a letter to an old hermit in a cave, but Mary tough better to go alone in bike, and left Joh to enjoy her free time. Accasbel, notoriously angry at Joh for not going, reprehended her, but the danger that he was trying to prevent on the girls was already there, the Wild Hunt arrived at the inn searching for Timothy Hunter. Accasbel managed to hide Joh during the attack, but the inn, and everyone else died protecting the secret of the whereabouts of the mage. Tim came back when he noticed the smoke, and found Joh. Both went far away as they could from the inn, and spent the night together.[4] At the next morning, Tim left without saying goodbye to Joh, as he could not possible put her in more danger with his presence.

Joh later made her way into the new Inn, that was been reconstructed by Accasbel. He explained to Joh that there are old rules that the Wild Hunt can't easily broke, like killing him or Dionysus, and that was glad the she could find her way back to the inn. She stayed there, helping him until she could again receive more guest at the free house.[5]



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