Lady Johanna Constantine (1760-1859) is an 18th Century aristocrat and adventurer, an ancestor of John Constantine.

The daughter of Lord and Lady Constantine, she was orphaned at a young age when her parents were hanged for treason. Stripped of her title, she was forced to live in poverty, raising Mouse as an unwed mother. Her luck turned in 1785 when King George asked her to retrieve Pandora's Box from Spitsbergen. If she succeeded, her title would be reinstated and she would gain an estate. In a spell-reinforced church, she opened the box and confronted Echidna, who granted her three questions. She first ask for the origin of the box. Then, she asked for the key to achieving her dreams of power and wealth, which was finding the Devil and the Wandering Jew. Her third question was for the spells that bound the box the first time. She tricked Echidna, but in the closing of the box, Pandora and Mouse were sucked in.

Her noble title was reinstated, and she inherited Pandora's property Blackwood Manor, which she renamed Fawny Rig.[1]

In 1794, she confronted Dream and Hob Gadling, believing them to be the Devil and the Wandering Jew. Dream hypnotized the Lady Constantine, presented her with an unknown offer in exchange for the rescue his son Orpheus from the dungeons of the aristocrats during the French Revolution.[2]

She passed away at the age of 99.[3] Her success led to a grave being built in her honor on the island of Orpheus, which was tended daily by his priests until the day that Orpheus died.[4]




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