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Quote1 Look, if our chat goes wrong, I've got a dead princess on my hands, a demon on the loose, and no one to pay my fee. Quote2
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Johanna Constantine is a snarky and cynical British sorceress who performs exorcisms and other magical duties for a fee, and the descendant of Lady Constantine.

Early life

Nergal Sandman TV Series 001

Johanna loses Astra

At some point in Johanna's life, she met and became friends with both Chas Chandler and his wife Renee Chandler, and began dating a girl named Rachel Moodie, but Johanna eventually broke up with her, fearing that their relationship wouldn't work. She also dated Oliver, Sarah, and Kit Ryan.

One night, Johanna attempted an exorcism on a demon summoned by Alex Logue, only for the demon to kill his daughter Astra and drag her soul to Hell for eternity. This led to Johanna suffering immense guilt and often having nightmares of the event.[1]

Meeting the Sandman

The Sandman TV Series Episode Dream a Little Dream of Me

Johanna exorcises the demon Agilieth

At Ric the Vic's behest, Johanna went to a chapel to perform an exorcism in an unnamed princess. Arriving at the church, Johanna wakes up in a taxi after suffering a terrible nightmare with Astra's death. When she leaves, she encounters Mad Hettie, which warns her that the Sandman has returned. Johanna scoffs and tells her that the Sandman is just a fairy tale. Disguised as a priest, Johanna tricked the demon into reciting an exorcism spell, forcing him to reveal itself. As Ric; the real priest escorted the princess out, Johanna proceeded with the exorcism, and when the demon refused to reveal his name, Dream appeared and exposed him as the demon Agilieth, so Johanna finally exorcised the demon to Hell.

After parting ways with Ric, Johanna joined Dream and Mad Hettie. She recalled her grandmother telling stories about the Endless, to which Dream replied that he'd known her family for centuries. He was in search of his bag of sand that came into her position. However, Johanna didn't recall where she had it last, nor was she interested in helping Dream find it, but she agreed to help him first thing in the morning.

Chas and Renee Chandler Sandman TV Series 001

Johanna meets "Rachel"

Johanna later remembers the item was with her ex-girlfriend Rachel, so Johanna and Dream went to Rachel's apartment. While she enters the room, Dream stays outside of the building with Matthew the Raven. Johanna has a hallucination with Rachel, but she is later saved by Dream. The real Rachel was in her bed, looking terrible. Dream notices that she has the sand pouch and cites that it is the only thing that has kept her alive until now. Johanna asks him to put her out of her misery, and Dream eventually places Rachel into a happy dream where she is healthy again, living with her lover Johanna. So Dream collects his pouch as Rachel dies peacefully. Dream tells Johanna that her nightmares will now cease.[1]




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