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Sergeant John Bowers was a ground crew chief for the United States Air Force and the secret lover of Captain Larry Trainor.

Relationship with Larry Trainor

Sergeant Bowers got into a romantic affair with his USAF colleague Larry Trainor, a married man, but he witnessed the horrible accident during a flight test that nearly killed Larry and turned him into the Negative Man.[1] Even though he feared having his sexuality discovered by the military, he wanted to get away with Larry after the flight test, but the accident caused Larry to leave him.[2]


At the end of his long life, John went on to meet Larry through dreams woven by the Negative Spirit through its Psychic Link power. So Larry found out where his beloved lived today and went to visit him, staying by his side until his death.[3]

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  • John Bowers was portrayed as a young man by Kyle Clements and as an old man by Tom Fitzpatrick.