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John Broome (b. May 4, 1913 – d.March 14, 1999) was a writer.

Professional History

John Broome was a professional comic book writer, best known for his contributions to DC Comics. He started his career working for Fawcett Publications in the 1940s under the pseudonym of Ron Broom. His agent at that time was Julius Schwartz, who would later became an editor at DC Comics and asked Broome to write for several titles including Flash, Green Lantern, All-American Comics and many others. Broome continued working for DC past the 40's, when the trend for Western and Mystery stories became more prominent. During the 60's, Broome was invoved with the redesign of two golden age super-heroes: Flash and Green Lantern. His stories helped to popularize the super-hero genre again.

In 1964, Broome was also in charge of modernizing the Batman stories, which had been heavily influenced by science-fiction. Working along with Carmine Infantino and under the direction of Schwartz, Batman was redesigned and the books gained a new popularity that would eventually led to the creation of the TV Show, Batman in 1966. Broome continued writing scripts for Batman, Green Lantern and Flash until his retirement in 1970. He then became an english teacher in Japan until his eventual death.

Personal History

Broome was born Irving Broome, to a Jewish family. In the late 1960s, Broome and his wife, Peggy, moved to Paris, France.

Broome died March 14, 1999, at age 85, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Work History

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