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Quote1 I offered you a world where you could be yourselves without having to suffer for it, but it seems you enjoy your suffering. And if that is your truth, then perhaps your suffering will set you free. The truth is a cleansing fire which burns away the lies we've told each other, and the lies we've told ourselves. So that love and hate, pleasure and pain can all be expressed without shame. Where there is no good or bad, there is only the truth. Quote2
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John Dee (born John Burgess) is a soft-spoken and paranoid serial killer obsessed with ridding the world of lies. Using the powerful Dreamstone, he went on a killing spree and became an enemy of Dream of the Endless.


John Burgess was born to Ethel Cripps and Roderick Burgess. Burgess was the captor of the powerful Dream of the Endless, king of dreams and nightmares, and had held him captive for many years. When John was just a baby, Ethel stole from Burgess various magical artifacts, including a mind-warping ruby known as the Dreamstone that once belonged to Morpheus. She took John and the two of them hid away, changing their last names to "Dee", and Ethel always told John to beware Morpheus, and to be wary should he ever escape and come for them.

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John with the Dreamstone

At some point, John stole the Dreamstone from his mother, and upon using it, his mind was broken, and he became miserable, soft-spoken, and paranoid about all the lies in the world, and so went on a killing spree to rid the world of liars and make the world one of truth. He was eventually caught and put in a mental institution owned by his mother, but not before he somehow altered the Dreamstone to only work for him, and hid it safely in a storage unit. John stayed in the institution for thirty years, and while his intelligence grew, so did his paranoia and insanity.[1][2][3][4]

Reclaiming the Dreamstone

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Speaking with his mother

In 2021, Ethel discovered that Dream had escaped Burgess' prison, and so she met with John, begging him to tell her where the Dreamstone was so they could return it to Dream when he came for them. John, however, believed she was lying, and so, in a desperate bid to protect him, she gave him the amulet that protected her from all harm and kept her young for so long. She finally succumbed to old age as John took the amulet and walked out of the institution, off to find the Dreamstone and resume his work.[2][3]

Hitching a ride with a woman named Rosemary, John made his way to the storage unit containing the Dreamstone, and took it back for himself. Believing Rosemary to be a good woman, he gave her the amulet Ethel gifted him, and insisted she take it to protect one more good person in the world. He then made his way to a nearby diner, where he decided to put his theories about truth and lies to the test, and begin making a more honest world, free from lies.[4][5]

Fighting for Truth

Using the Dreamstone, John spent the evening manipulating the staff and patrons in the diner, causing them to tell others dark secrets, admit truths about themselves, and act on their worst impulses, believing he was freeing them from suffering. Eventually, he realized that they didn't like this world without lies, and so, believing their suffering would free them, forced them to mutilate and kill themselves, planning to do the same to the world and make it all more honest. When they were all dead, Dream arrived to take back the Dreamstone, and tried to convince John to hand it over to him. However, John panicked, believing it to be another lie, and that he could absorb Dream's power and become the new king of dreams, reshaping the world into one free of lies.

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Defeated by Dream

John then battled Dream in the realm of the Dreaming and, believing he was destroying Dream's life, shattered the Dreamstone. However, he merely freed the power inside it, which returned to Dream and made him more powerful than he had been in eons. Grateful for this deed, Dream spared John's life, merely returning him to the mental institution to live out the rest of his days in isolation, where he couldn't hurt anyone ever again.[5]


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