John Carter was an adventurer stuck on Mars.

Originally a captain in the Confederacy, John Carter found himself without a home or a penny to his name after the Civil War ended. Seeking a fresh start, John headed out west, hoping to strike it rich as a gold prospector. A run-in with a band of Apaches left John's partner dead and forced the soldier to seek shelter in a strange cave. Inside the cave, John found the gold vein he'd been searching for, as well as strange cave paintings. Through means yet unknown, John's conciousness was seperated from his body and transported to Mars, now housed in an exact replica of his original form.

Through trial and tribulation, John forged a new life on the Red Planet, only to be snatched away and returned to Earth against his own will. John used the gold from the cave to become exceedingly wealthy, but was now miserable without his new family or his Martian friends. For ten years, John researched and waited, hoping to return to Mars...and finally, his prayers were answered. In preparation, his will specified that his body not be embalmed and he be interred in a tomb that could only be opened from the inside.

In time, John discovered the secret of Martian teleportation, allowing him to come and go from Mars, Earth and even OTHER planets, at will.


Carter was a supremely skilled swordsman and tactician.



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