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Godhead is an enemy of the Authority who used his powers to start a cult of personality.

A former actor, John Clay has been suffering a failing in his acting career until his powers begins to manifest with the ability to infecting members of the public with a highly contagious psychic virus which causes utter devotion to himself, and channels a portion of the energies of the infected into him, turning him into a physical metahuman of the highest order.

Utilizing this advantage to the fullest, Clay establishes his own religion, the Church of Transcendence, a church which promotes the belief that everyone is capable of becoming superhuman. Immediately Clay's religion garnered 13 million followers across the globe including "politicians, A-list celebrities and even [actual] superhumans". After this, Clay has his metahuman followers to attack and destroy other high-end religious organizations in an attempt to boost his own congregation.

This of course attracts the attention of The Authority, especially when after he created an unflattering, false doctored footage of said superhero team practicing a sexual orgy. However, Clay proved too strong for the Authority to defeat and the Doctor (Jeroen Thornedike) was also infected and succumbed to Clay's influence beforehand. Due to psychic infection received from Jeroen's newly converted but highly narcissistic, super-model Ex-wife, Midnighter and Jack Hawksmoor were capture and under Clay's "transcendence": the Midnighter was force to reprogram himself from his homosexuality and into false admittance that he had been apart of a amoral team that was corrupting a super powered adoptive youth Jenny Quantum, by self-flagellation, while Hawksmoor acted as Clay's pawn in constructing a giant replica of Clay in what once used to be Los Angeles, Transcendence City.

Clay was later attacked again by a more energized Apollo and then fighting the Authority through Transcendence City. but Clay still proved too powerful for the Authority to handle. Until the Doctor, who'd broken free and finally broken up with his haughty girlfriend thanks to his connections to the Garden of Ancestral Memory, psychically hijacked Clay's psionic control network and inverted it, thus returning all converters to normal and severely weakening Reverend Clay. The Doctor, now grown to enormous size, plucks the beaten Clay up, and swallows him whole.

After Clay's death, some millions of disillusioned Transcendence followers were provided an alternative religion via the Doctor's new following he created, the Church of the Shaman.


Induced Devotion: He possessed a neural psychoactive virus that manipulates minds and is spread through physical contact. The power hijacks the Nucleus accumbens region of the brain a crossroads between the dopamine system, which mediates the pleasure response to factors such as drugs or food, and the limbic system, which helps form motivation and memory. All Clay needs to do is touch someone and they are immediately converted to his way of thinking. If the someone is under his control and they touch friends, family, anyone, and it acts as a domino effect spreading to more and more people.

  • Mass Consciousness: The minds of his disciples act like a gigantic personal electricity grid for him. Drawing on their collective psychic energies gives him the power to do any varying number of supernatural abilities.
    • Super Strength: His psychic link to his followers and absorption of their mental energies gave the Godhead incredible amounts of strength, the more people he infected the stronger he became. He was strong enough to knock Apollo of The Authority clean out of the city limits.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: Clay proved to be resilient enough to withstand the blows coming from SPB's of phenomenal strength, such as fully charged Apollo whose considered to be in the upper Majestic class.
    • Flight (possibly): Clay could propel himself into the air or stay there indefinitely by hovering or floating.



  • Powers are dependent to mass of followers, if he loses supporters he will gradually weaken back to human straits.