Quote1 My name is John Constantine. I am the one who steps on the shadows, all trench coat and arrogance. I'll drive your demons away, kick 'em in the bollocks, and spit on them when they're down, leaving only a nod and a wink and a wisecrack. I walk my path alone because, let's be honest... who would be crazy enough to walk it with me? Quote2
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John Constantine is an occult detective and an old associate of Green Arrow. He joined the Legends in hopes of eluding the demon, Neron, and to combat the magical creatures that swamped Earth after Mallus's destruction.

Early life

John Constantine's mother died giving birth to him, leading his father to give him the nickname "Killer". Constantine suffered an abusive childhood, constantly being slapped and hit around by his alcoholic father. When Constantine was a teenager, he started to read everything he could on the occult, spells, and rituals, practicing and learning how to use them.[8]

Newcastle Crew

An incident in Newcastle lead to the young daughter of a friend being taken by the demon Nergal. This event haunted Constantine, and as a result, he had himself committed to Ravenscar. Constantine eventually checked himself out after receiving a message relating to a woman named Liv Aberdeen. Constantine tracked Liv down, and after telling her about her father and giving her a pendant that allowed her to see spirits, Liv reluctantly joined Constantine's mission to exorcise demons. However, Constantine scared her off of the mission, not believing her ready for exorcism.[8]

Lian Yu

John traveled to Lian Yu to retrieve an ancient spell book called the Orb of Horus, however he was caught by Baron Reiter's men and interrogated. John performed a spell to free himself from his handcuffs and held Oliver Queen at gunpoint, who had secretly been working as a spy to infiltrate Reiter's organization, and used him as leverage to escape the compound. John had Oliver forcibly escort him to the area he sought out and performed a spell to uncover the hidden passageway. John eventually found the Orb of Horus and although it set off a trap which Oliver saved him from being killed by. After exiting the cave, John thanked Oliver for saving his life and gave Oliver part of the Orb to give to Reiter, as the rod itself is what contained the magic. John also used the rod to transfer a magical tattoo on his arm onto Oliver's torso, and insisted he'd know what to do with it when the time came. Oliver then requested for John to knock him out, as part of his "escape".[9]

Restoring Sara Lance's soul

John eventually received a call from his old friend Oliver Queen, asking him to restore the soul of Sara Lance. John accepted and performed a ritual that transported himself, Oliver, and Laurel Lance to the spirit world in order to free Sara's soul.[9]


At some point in time, Oliver Queen mentioned that John was currently in Hell, making him unable to aid Team Arrow against their fight with Damien Darhk.


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  • John is bisexual.[15]
  • John Constantine was born on May 10, 1982.[16]



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