Quote1 If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that there are no happy endings. There never are. There's always a price to pay. Quote2
John Constantine src

History of character has not yet been written.


  • Magic; John is capable of spell-casting, often reciting his spells in Latin.


  • Deception: John is an excellent liar, and capable of coming up with sneak attacks.
  • Occultism: John is knowledgeable about the occult and often looks for or carries various totems or objects that can be used to assist him.
  • Leadership; Despite not wanting the role, John becomes the de facto leader of his mystic group.
  • Multilingualism: He must have learned Latin in order to recite his spells.
  • Music: John was founding member of the band Mucous Membrane.[2]



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