Year One (1940)

When supernatural events seem to be occurring more and more often, Amanda Waller persuaded John Constantine to infiltrate the Nazi ranks as a spy. His cover was blown, however, when he came face to face with his former lover, Zatanna Zatara at a night club in Berlin, owned by Joker's Daughter. She turns him into a rabbit and has him caged in her room. Zatanna later explains to him that Edel Nacht had planned to sacrifice him to Tenebrus the Binder so that the Nazis could use his Tenebrae army to take over the world.

Constantine offers to help Zatanna escape the Joker's Daughter. They perform a ritual but they are soon discovered by Joker's Daughter and Tenebrus. Joker's Daughter pleads with Tenebrus to spare Zatanna but kill Constantine. Instead Tenebrus takes away both of their magic powers. Constantine is turned back into a human as a result.

Year Two (1941)

Constantine and Zatanna are sent to the ghetto for Jews. It is here that they meet Raven, who helps them escape through underground tunnels.



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