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Quote1.png The world isn't over until I say it is. Quote2.png
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John Constantine is an occult detective from Liverpool, England and one of the many survivors left on Earth.

Anti-Life Infection

Not long after the infected Anti-Life Equation began turning people into the Anti-Living John already found himself running for his life from a massive horde. After ducking into a cab he immediately told his friend Chas to get them out of there, unfortunately, Chas had already been infected and John was forced to burn him to ashes. Constantine tries to drive out of there but he doesn't get far, immediately crashing the cab into the back of another. Thankfully he's saved by Mister Terrific and a small group of other heroes. They ask him for his help, but John declines saying he's tried already and decides to get drunk at the Oblivion Bar instead.

John's conscience gets the better of him and decides to help them anyway. He headbutts Waverider, and elects to buy the remaining heroes time to go back in time but is attacked by an infected Big Barda who immediately rips Terrific in half. In the end John's the only one left as Blue Beetle gets infected and Booster Gold ceases to exist.

After getting Waverider killed John is once again saved, this time by Zatanna and Doctor Fate. He calls the two out for arriving too late to save the others and swears that world isn't over yet until he says it is.[1]

The Unkillables

Sometime after John would set up shop in the Gotham Jungle with Zatanna and Nelson, turning it into a sanctuary from the infected. When the Unkillables fight their way through the hordes of Anti-Living and the infected Wonder Woman they welcome them in with open arms. [2]

Dead Planet

Five years later, Constantine would come down with survivors guilt over failing to save the other heroes and spends his time drinking in abandoned bars, usually with only a box full of Chas's ashes for company.[3] When he's not getting drunk he's usually with the Shadowpact, Jason, and Rose, saving anyone that they can find. After Zatanna takes out an infected Fire they are confronted by Swamp Thing who needs their help to investigate another save haven in Austraila.

They arrive and find that it's surrounded by a moat of blood and hellfire, unfortunately they realize too late that it's actually an infected Plastic Man. The massive monster kills Blue Devil, Ragman, and almost Zatanna by filling her lungs while Constantine and Detective Chimp fall into Plastic Man's maw. [4]

After being saved by Swamp Thing and Zatanna forces O'Brian into the fire they investigate the bunker and find that it's inhabited Penguin, Maxwell Lord, Jason Blood and many of the wealthy that were left behind on Earth.

Jason transforms into Etrigan and warns Constantine of Trigon's arrival and his plans to wipe out the entire planet. Just then they're interrupted by Swamp Thing's rampage, revealing that the people within the bunker had captured Floronic Man and forced him to produce food for them. After Swamp Thing kills Maxwell Lord, they are chased out by Dr. Ivo's AMAZO army.

John returns to the Gotham Jungle and plans with the others to awaken the cure within Cyborg. After tracking down Mister Miracle, who survived, John and Bobo convinced Scott to help them find Metron and get the Mobius Chair from him. [5]


  • Magic
    • Pyrokinesis: John is able to mutter a spell that burnt the infected Chas Chandler to ashes.[6]
    • Teleportation: John can teleport to almost anywhere by using a portal. [7]


  • John apparently never learned to drive. [8]