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John Constantine is a magician who joined the Insurgency after Superman's destruction caused the death of his daughter's mother.

Enraged mainly at Superman's destruction as well as Batman for only fanning the flames further, Constantine decides to act independently, following both Rose Psychic and Doctor Occult as they pull in favors to help Batman's cause.

As one of their tasks is to disable Raven, John Constantine warns them of going in alone against her. True to his predictions, Doctor Occult is killed, but he steps in and helps Rose knock Raven out. As Rose still has to keep Wonder Woman down, John promises to bind Raven as well as attempt to bring Occult back should his other half live long enough.

Just as Rose puts her target in an indefinite dream, Constantine teleports her to the middle of the pacific, where she eventually succumbs, failing to warn Batman of Constantine's ulterior motives. Constantine would then pilfer the various tools from Rose, respecting her decision to aid Batman, but insisting that his own family comes before everything.

Dropping his daughter off at the Tower of Fate, he is transported then to Detective Chimp to gain his help. After this, Constantine forms a contract with Trigon, promising to give any information regarding Raven in exchange for leaving behind a part of his soul. With Trigon placated, Constantine meets Batman in the stead of the late Rose Psychic and Doctor Occult, taking him to the tied Raven before bringing him to the home of Jason Blood, housing Constantine's allies, Batman's insurgents and the imprisoned members of Superman's regime.

During their discussion, Harvey Bullock leaves the house's door open, unknowingly leaving a hole in Jason's protective seal, causing The Spectre to attack them, killing Jason and Harvey, and severely wounding Doctor Chimp. The survivors are later able to escape thanks to Zatanna's teleportation while Batman distracts the figure.

Now at the Tower of Fate, Constantine meets both his daughter and Doctor Fate, the latter commenting on her possibly having magical powers, but John immediately refutes this, insisting for her to only be a child.

Constantine then takes Batman to Madame Xanadu, whom they inform of Jason's death. The fortune-teller angrily chases both men out, shouting that Blood's only mistake was to trust Constantine. After giving her time to be alone, the pair return and ask for information needed to defeat Superman. Once Madame Xanadu peers in, however, she is immediately attacked by an unknown figure.

Before falling mad, she only utters her prophecy: "The green will glow. A deadman will fall and a deadman will rise. Hellfire will burn. Souls will be lost and traitors triumphant. The Empress awakens. The Emperor sleeps. The advisor banished... the Joker returns"

When Constantine returns to tied Raven, Klarion reports that her astral form has escaped to report of her confinement at Gotham. This, however, is all a plan and Ragman is disguised as Raven while Constantine and Klarion move the girl's body elsewhere. When their target arrives, Ragman and Constantine successfully wrap Superman up. Shazam, however, arrives and shocks Regan, causing him to undo the rags around Superman and freeing him. The Spectre then arrives and tears out all of Ragman's stolen souls before ripping art the stealer himself, futily pleading for Constantine's help.

Superman then demands Constantine to tell them where Raven and the other captives are, but Constantine plays dumb and tries to goad Superman into killing him. When this fails, he is left with Shazam as they return to the Hall of Justice for interrogation. To his surprise, Deadman possesses Billy and releases Constantine, who is rescued by Zatanna.

As Ragman's demise fulfilled part of Madame Xanadu's prediction, Constantine and Batman then move to the "green". This brings them to meet Swamp Thing, who is happy that Superman's regime has cut down on environmental damage, and refuses to help them.

The pair later open to the other members of Madame Xanadu's prophecy. Deducing the Empress to be Wonder Woman, the group plans to put down the "emperor", Superman while she is still stuck in her sleep. While The Spectre is kept occupied by Phantom Stranger, the Batman and Constantine approach Superman directly through Etrigan.

Despite this victory, Batman refuses to believe his former friend will be down permanently and attempts to convince the captured regime members to defect, only to receive a cold shoulder from all. As Constantine and Batman plan the next move, the Tower of Fate is found by The Spectre, who leads the Regime members, including an irate Superman, straight to them.

During the fight, Klarion is killed by Sinestro. Constantine's true plan soon comes to full circle when he lures in Trigon after having Etrigan spread false rumors of Raven's abduction by Superman. Batman and Constantine then take their allies and flee from the Tower of Fate except Detective Chimp, who was only kept from passing on by Klarion.

Doctor Fate then informs them that Mister Mxyzptlk has now entered the fray on Superman's behalf, while Nightwing, the new Deadman, reveals that Jim Corrigan was now "Joker-rized" after being defeated by the being, who then took the guise of the Spectre to ward off Superman's magical threats.

Unfortunately, Mister Mxyzptlk then takes the fight to the House of Mystery, where the Insurgents have evacuated to. Due to the disturbance of the green, Swamp Thing also joins the fight, causing even more chaos. Since Swamp Thing would be too much trouble to deal with on his own, Nightwing ends up bringing Poison Ivy into the battle as well. As both Constantine and Doctor Fate continue to spectate the battle from the House of Mystery near the prisoners, Yellow Lantern breaks in, but loses his ring's powers as Trigon and Mister Mxyzptlk's fight begins distorting reality.

Against his better judgement, Constantine releases The Flash to have the speedster safely retrieve the Regime members and the Insurgents, though Barry sneakily transports the other prisoners and places all of the Regime members in the House of Secrets instead. Batman, Nightwing, Doctor Fate and Constantine then conjure a plan to use Shazam's magical power and Doctor Fate's mastery over lightning to send both celestial being into the void, where they will be unable to escape.

After the battle, Constantine expresses his true disdain for both sides, only helping Batman as a means to kill two birds with one stone. Since the plan failed thanks to the unexpected arrival of Mister Mxyzptlk, Constantine decides to take his daughter and disappear from the conflict entirely. Before leaving, he simply asks Batman to "kick Superman in the bollocks".

Injustice 2

In Doctor Fate's Injustice 2 ending, Constantine keeps the Helm of Fate for him inside the House of Mystery, even chipping in with Zatanna to keep the Lords of Order from seeing Kent Nelson.



  • Occultism: John possesses extensive knowledge of magic and the supernatural.



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