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Metallo was a Kryptonite-powered cyborg and old enemy of Superman

Superman's return to Metropolis inspired Metallo, who still had a long-standing grievance to settle with Superman, to return to Metropolis as well. Using his mechanokinetic powers to generate an army of robots and hovercraft powerful enough to fight Superman, Metallo unleashed them on the city to mark Superman's long-awaited return with a wave of chaos and destruction. Superman defeated Metallo in their "reunion," but Metallo managed to escape nonetheless, leaving Superman to deal with his mechanical minions throughout the city. Metallo then appeared a second time to battle Superman, but the encounter ended much like the first, with Metallo once more on the loose. In a third and final confrontation, Metallo and his robots were decisively subdued by Superman, who grabbed Metallo and gave him an ultimatum to surrender. Instead, Metallo used the radiation emissions of his Kryptonite heart to incapacitate Superman and assimilated the metallic and electronic debris of the battleground into his body, transforming into a cybernetic giant. When Superman recovered, he found Metallo wrecking a Metropolis square some distance away and combated him despite his devastating Kryptonite-based attacks using objects in the environment. When Metallo sensed he was on the verge of defeat, he launched a gigantic missile at a nearby skyscraper, counting on Superman to let up on his assault to intercept it. The Man of Steel reliably did as predicted, and when he returned to the battlefield, Superman was bombarded with high-intensity Kryptonite radiation from Metallo's eyes. However, through sheer fortitude and force of will, Superman withstood the full fury of Metallo's attack and dove through Metallo's core, viciously tackling the "real" Metallo's body outside of it. Presumably, Metallo's giant form then collapsed into the scrap it was coalesced from, though whether Metallo himself survived the trauma of being tackled at supersonic speeds is unknown.



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