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John Dandy worked as a special government agent attached to the Pentagon's Unusual Operative Division. This division oversaw the Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E., the Sex Men, the Dust Devils, and others. Dandy used his cover as an archaeology professor to steal research notes on the formula for pseudoderm from its inventor, Aristotle Rodor. Using the notes, Dandy synthesized a special gas which solidifies into a malleable super-skin when on contact with air. Dandy used the super-skin as a life-like mask and making him a master of disguise.

Under the code-name Yankee Doodle, Dandy fought for the United States government until an government official realized the craziness going on under the Pentagon and stole sensitive documents from it. Dandy volunteered to chasing after the rogue official to the abyss underneath the Pentagon. However, Dandy never returned for over a year after radio contact was lost between him and his superiors. Dandy's last words were of vague descriptions of having witnessed strange phenomena such as enormous walking structures, and people and things without eyes and are instead replaced with tunnels.

A year later, Dandy finally returned and was heavily changed. His face is replaced with a plastic comb and Scrabble pieces for his mouth and eyes, respectively, along with seven bodiless heads floating around him. How this happened was only explained by Dandy who insisted that his original face was swapped for the current face he now wears. His new state became very problematic as his floating heads could smell fear and forcefully attach on other people. After attacking two of the soldiers who discovered him, Dandy was then imprisoned in the Pentagon.[1]

John Dandy was eventually released to battle and destroying the Brotherhood of Dada.[2]



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