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John Dee was a low level LexCorp employee who was sent to jail after being found guarding smuggled weapons during a raid by the Justice League. He was imprisoned on Stryker's Island, where he was being used as a human test subject for a device called the Materioptikon. The device gave people temporary ESP, and John Dee secretly became interested in using it to get revenge on the Justice League. His wife Penny Dee had left him on the same day in which he had once again been denied parole. That same day several super powered villains attempted a prison break, which he used as a distraction to get to the Materioptikon. He then used it at maximum power and seemed to have gone comatose. He soon woke up however and used his new telepathic powers to put all the people in the medical ward with him in a delirious state. He then escaped prison and trapped his wife and many members of the Justice League in nightmares in which harm was very real. The Martian Manhunter one by one liberated the other Justice League members with his own telepathic powers as Batman tracked down Doctor Destiny and defeated him in a fist fight. John Dee would later become a member of Gorilla Grodd's Legion of Doom. During the mutiny he sided with Lex Luthor's team and is believed to have died when Darkseid destroyed their headquarters.




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