Johnny Denetto worked for Tobias Whale in Metropolis until the unfortunate day he was caught stealing from him. Whale had Johnny brutally tortured, mutilated, and thrown out of a high window to die in an alley. However, seeing potential in him, Bruno Mannheim with Intergang picked him up and had Desaad stitched him back together. Now calling himself "Johnny Stitches," he works as Intergang's official representative in Gotham City.

He worked aggressively to remove the remaining large criminals in Gotham after the deportations of all supervillains from Earth.

With his newfound power, Stitches used the Iceberg Lounge as a meeting place for Intergang and would eventually cause Penguin trouble with the various vigilantes of the city.[1] After Batman's sudden disappearance, Stitches organized a wager on Intergang's HQ, but they were interrupted by Vigilante, who broke into the place and challenged Stitches with the intention of killing him. Arming himself with a knife, Stitches was about to start his attack, but Vigilante was suddenly attacked by an invisible person that pushed him out of the building.[2]



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