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Quote1.png My dad is dead. I don't deserve his name. My name is Connor Hawke. Quote2.png
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Several decades into the future, John Diggle, Jr. (calling himself Connor Hawke) is the new Green Arrow.

John Diggle, Jr. was the son of John Diggle. After his father died in the Uprising led by Deathstroke, Diggle, Jr. abandoned his family name and took the alias of Connor Hawke. When the Green Arrow was seemingly killed by Deathstroke, Hawke took up the identity himself and did the best he could to combat the rampant crime in his city. When Rip Hunter and his team crash land in the possible future of 2046, Hawke considered them hostiles and tried taking them out. White Canary took a special interest in Hawke, who revealed that Oliver Queen was dead. Hawke takes her and Rip to the ruined Arrowcave, where Oliver reveals he is still alive albeit with a missing arm. Strife between Queen and Hawke was apparent, but after a gambit to take down Deathstroke with the help of Rip's team succeeded, Hawke was proud to work with Oliver again to try and retake the city.


  • Martial Arts: If deprived of his bow, Connor is shown to be a capable of martial artist. With this skill, he is shown able to hold his own against multiple soldiers. His fighting style is similar to Oliver's and is composed of Eskrima, Muay Thai, Karate, and Boxing.
  • Archery: In his desire to continue the Green Arrow's legacy, Connor trained himself to be an exceptional archer, noted to have comparable aim to Oliver's. He is shown able to constantly maneuver about against enemies while still effectively launching his arrows in rapid succession.
  • Peak Human Condition: From his many years battling Grant Wilson and his army, Connor has conditioned himself to top physical condition in terms of physical muscle power, mobility, and reflexes as well as a stronger healing rate than normal people. He is shown to be highly resilient, able to take many blows from multiple enemies and continue fighting effectively. He also has noticeable strength, able to carry himself along with Sara and Rip while using his grappling line.
  • Acrobatics: Keeping to the image of the original Green Arrow, Connor is very skilled in acrobatics. He is able to perform multiple flips as a means to dodge his enemies' attacks.
  • Skilled Engineer: Likewise with his conventional weapons, Connor is able to create many of the unique tools equipped to arrows that Oliver was infamous for.


  • Carbon Fiber Long Bow: While his arrows are advanced, Connor would make use of a simple carbon fiber long bow in battle.
  • Customized Oneida Kestrel Compound Bow: After Oliver regained his fighting spirit and helped defeat Grant, in recognition of Connor as the new Green Arrow, Oliver passed on his customized Oneida Kestrel compound bow to the younger archer.
  • Customized Hunting Arrows: Connor is shown to use very sturdy arrows, able to easily pierce through the hood of a car.
  • Trick Arrows: Connor uses many classic trick arrows Oliver did, including tranquilizer arrows, exploding arrows, and grapple arrows.
  • Quiver: A green arrow container strapped to Connor's back, he uses it to carry his arrows as Green Arrow.
  • Green Arrow suit: Connor wears a protective suit and mask as Green Arrow, to hide his identity from his enemies, when he goes out fighting crime. It differs from Oliver Queen's original suit, but carries elements of it.
  • Voice Filter: Connor uses this device to disguise his voice as Green Arrow.



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