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John Grayson is the son of Dick Grayson and his Robin.

Early life

Years before the Earth 2 invasion by Darkseid and his Parademons, John was born to Richard Grayson, a journalist, and Barbara Gordon, a police officer. The trio lived in peace alongside the rest of the world after the Wonders of the World's sacrifice.[1]

World's End

After Darkseid and Apokolips make their second attack on Earth 2 the second Wonders of the World formulate contingency plans for the non-metahumans in places such as the World Army Refugee stronghold in Chicago where the Graysons take refuge. While rations lower and tensions raise; Barbara confides in Richard that she wishes she still wore her badge.[2] In addition to the dissent within the camp a meteor shower of debris is sent from Apokolips toward Earth 2, and ultimately to Chicago. John's mother is hit rather badly, but not mortally, by some debris and the whole Grayson family are whisked away from the chaos by Lottie, seemingly another refugee, on her motorbike. After an altercation on the road the foursome arrive at an abandoned Navy Pier now turned into a crude fortress which Lottie calls Gomorrah. Inside Barbara is captured and Richard is taken hostage, John however, is returned to the refugee stronghold.[3]

When his parents return and find him, the Graysons attempt to board an already overfilled evacuating train; while Barbara attempts to secure a place for her family on-board she is shot in the chest and John Constantine watches.[4] Constantine and his allies then begin to attack Barbara's killers and they board the train to escape the imminent tidal wave. As the train pulls away Grayson hands his son over to Jonni Thunder and awaits his inevitable death in Chicago.

After being saved by Ted Grant, Richard seeks out his son; the duo come across a train tunnel entrance and discover that the train John was on had derailed underground and the two race into the tunnels. Unbeknownst to them John is fine though Brainwave is taking over the minds of the refugee-seekers. After finding his son, Brainwave spots Richard in the crowd and, since he can not be controlled, orders Ted to shoot him - Batman and Huntress swoop in and knock Brainwave out thus releasing all the minds and causing a large panic wherein Richard loses his son again in the crowds.[5]

Having found his son for a third time, Richard, Ted and John line up to board an evacuation ship though they are refused under the proviso of women and children first so Richard gives his son away again, this time - unknowingly - to Big Barda and K'li, both of whom are on the run after having been defeated by the Wonders.[6]

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