Baron Sunday was a Voodoo magician and enemy of Superman.

John Hendrix was pilot who had been framed for gun running by the two men who had hired him to fly the guns, not knowing what he was carrying. Nearly killed in a raid, Hendrix was found by practitioners of Voodoo who gave him/taught the powers of Voodoo.

For a time he traveled the world as the famous magician Baron Sunday. Eventually he came to Metropolis where quietly tried to take revenge on the people who ruined his life. In addition to the actual gun smugglers, this included Clark Kent who had written a story on the gun smuggling, not knowing that he too was being used.

Baron Sunday attempted to kill Clark through making him relive a moment of great fear for him. Unlike the others, he survived thanks to his fiancee Lois's engagement ring, and the fact the event was his departure from Krypton as opposed to a truly life-endangering event. Baron Sunday escaped in the form of a snake, and was not seen again.




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