Steel is John Henry Irons, a weapons engineer turned superhero with the help of Superman and an armor. He later joined the Justice League.

John Henry Irons was a weapons engineer at LexCorp. After Luthor pushed the introduction of the Series Alpha police armor forward, Irons quit his job. He was soon proven right - Corey Mills, who wore the suit, could not bear it and his nervous system overloaded. Irons went on to perfect the suit, and soon after donned it and took the name "Steel". He saved Superman in a fight with Metallo.

After the Thanagarian invasion, he joined the Justice League. He was close to Supergirl, and together with Atom he served as the league's top engineer. He was severely wounded - and his armor destroyed - in a fight with Galatea, but managed to recover quickly.

He served on the front line when Darkseid invaded Earth, fighting in Tokyo with Blue Devil.



  • Steel's Armor: An updated version of the Series Alpha police battle suit.


  • Kinetic Hammer: John Irons has a powerful rivet hammer which can fire blasts of thermal energy.[2]


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