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John Kalisz is a comic book artist.

Professional History

John Kalisz is an American comic book colurist. He began his career in 1992 working for Marvel Comics on the title Marvel Comics Presents. Later, he worked in titles like Captain America, Spider-Man, Secret Defenders, Avengers, Punisher and many more. Most of his early career he worked exclusively for Marvel Comics. His first published work for DC Comics was in 1996 in the title Superboy and the Ravers and later on he would contribute to many titles including Parallax: Emerald Night, Green Lantern, JLA, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, All Star Comic, Hourman and many more.

Most recently, Kalisz has been working on several titles including Batman and Robin, Superman Unchained, Batman Eternal and Death of Wolverine.

Work History

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