John Marlowe is a close friend of Bruce Wayne. He is known as an introverted scientist and inventor with a passion for art. John Marlowe is involved in research on quantum technology funded by the government, and succeeded in developing the first prototype of a quantum replication device called the "Quantex".

After developing a gauntlet Quantex, Marlowe created a duplicate of himself. This duplicate helped Marlowe to further improve on the Quantex technology. However, the duplicate developed free will of his own and became disenchanted for being treated like a tool for Marlowe's research. The duplicate turned on Marlowe, locking him in a cell in his own building and stole his identity.

The Everywhere Man

While he was being locked, Marlowe's duplicate used the Quantex to create the persona of Everywhere Man. Sharing Marlowe's passion for art, the duplicate created more duplicates of himself and used them to commit art theft, while changing Marlowe's civilian personality. His proud, outgoing personality was a surprise to his friends Bruce, and Clea, the curator of Gotham's Museum of Art.

Batman became aware of Everywhere Man when the villain attempted to steal an artwork at Marlowe's gallery. After another art theft was carried out at the Museum of Art, Bruce investigated Marlowe and found evidence that implicated his friend was the villain. Further investigation revealed traces of radioactivity on the Museum's art pieces as well as his friend.

Batman and Robin went to Marlowe's building to investigate him, splitting up when they find two large traces of radioactivity. Batman uncovered Everywhere Man's identity as Marlowe and found out Marlowe's ability to duplicate. He was captured and brought to the first duplicate who revealed everything about himself, the Quantex and the nature of his duplicates. The duplicates are evil facsimiles of himself and easily removed with the push of a button. Batman, finally knowing his friend is innocent, attempted to escape.

Meanwhile, Robin found the cell where the real Marlowe was locked away and helped him escape. Marlowe gave Robin the first Quantex prototype to fight off the many Everywhere Man duplicates fighting Batman. During the fight, Marlowe and Batman managed to convince the Everywhere Men duplicates that the first duplicate will turn against them and erase them in the end. The duplicates became rebellious and turned against the first duplicate who erased them all in the end. In the chaos, Marlowe was able to recover the Quantex from the first duplicate and subsequently erased Everywhere Man from existence.

Marlowe returned his art collection to the Museum of Art and was not held responsible for the crimes that were committed by his duplicates.


  • Bio-Fission: Marlowe created a devise that could duplicate people and used it on himself as part of his research.



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