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John Rhys-Davies (b. May 5, 1944) John Rhys-Davies voiced Hades for the animated series Justice League.

Work History

Acting Credits

Batman: The Animated Series 1992-1995 Baron Waclaw Jozek
     "The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy" October 14, 1992 Baron Waclaw Jozek
Justice League 2001-2004 Hades
     "Paradise Lost, Part I" January 21, 2002 Hades
     "Paradise Lost, Part II" January 28, 2002 Hades[1]
The Zeta Project 2001-2002 Edgar Mandragora
     "Ro's Gift" April 27, 2002 Edgar Mandragora
Aquaman December 21, 2018 Brine King[2]
Batman Unburied 2022- Hugo Strange
     Batman Unburied (Podcast) Episode: Kind of a Night Person   Dr. Hunter/Hugo Strange
     Batman Unburied (Podcast) Episode: Such Wonderful Secrets   Dr. Hunter/Hugo Strange
     Batman Unburied (Podcast) Episode: Park Row   Dr. Hunter/Hugo Strange
     Batman Unburied (Podcast) Episode: May Day   Hugo Strange
     Batman Unburied (Podcast) Episode: Deadly Things   Hugo Strange

  1. When Hades reappeared in a later episode, the character was recast with Bob Joles replacing Rhys-Davies.
  2. John only voiced the character, with Andrew Crawford physically portraying Brine King.

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