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John Stewart is the primary Green Lantern of Sector 2814 and a founding member of the Justice League.

John Stewart with the Green Lantern Corps

John Stewart left home to enlist in the United States Marine Corps at a fairly young age. Relatively little is known of John's military service, save that he met and befriended Rex Mason during that time. After leaving the service, John Stewart was selected by the Guardians of the Universe to join the Green Lantern Corps. Early in his Corps career, John would train under the veteran Green Lantern Katma Tui.

As Sector 2814 was already under the protection of Green Lantern Abin Sur, John was eventually reassigned to another space sector. It was only several years later — following Abin Sur's demise at the hands of Sinestro — that John would return to his home sector. Abin Sur's designated successor, Kyle Rayner, would himself require training before being assigned a sector of his own. John Stewart was therefore sent to stand guard over Sector 2814, while Kyle was sent to Katma Tui for training.

Green Lantern was a founding member of the Justice League

Not long after John's homecoming, he would answer the fateful summons to join six other heroes in opposing the Imperium invasion. In the aftermath of that crisis, John readily agreed to Superman's suggestion that the seven heroes band together as the Justice League.

John was the focal point of one of the League's earliest missions. A detachment of Manhunters were sent to Earth to take John into custody, to answer charges of inadvertently destroying an inhabited world. The League followed, ready to stand up for their comrade despite John's insistence that he be held accountable for his actions. The League was able to prove that John was innocent, and that the entire situation had been engineered by the Manhunters as part of a plot to exact revenge upon their former masters — the Guardians.

John continued to serve with distinction in the Justice League, forming a strong bond with his comrades. In particular, John grew closer to Hawkgirl; although the two clashed at first, their shared military/police backgrounds provided common ground, and in time the two became romantically involved.

This romantic attachment would be shattered by the Thanagarian Invasion. Hawkgirl's apparent treachery, and apparent engagement to Thanagarian Commander Hro Talak, all but broke John's heart. Despite this, John remained with the Justice League through its expansion — although he at one point appealed, unsuccessfully, to the Guardians for reassignment.

Trouble in Paradise

However, John attempted to put himself back together and started seeing Justice League member Vixen. While he attempted to make it seem as if he was over Shayera, other members on the Justice League noticed that this was not the case. To make things even more complicated for John, Shayera came out of hiding to stop Solomon Grundy after he had risen from the grave a second-time. When Solomon Grundy had been put to rest by Shayera, John angrily informed reporters that Shayera would be allowed back in the League.

Things did not get any easier with Shayera back in Justice League. When the time traveler Chronos came back in time to steal Batman's utility belt, John, Wonder Woman and Batman chased him back to the Old West where they assisted him and a group of cowboys against Tobias Manning. Chronos managed to get away again, but this time back to his own time where he warped it, resulting in the devastation of the Justice League of that time. The trio chased him again where they met up with the last members of the Justice League: Batman II, Static and Warhawk.

While there, John discovered his unsettling future: he would become the father of Warhawk, and the mother would be none other than Shayera Hol. After stopping Chronos and restoring the timeline back to normal, with Wonder Woman vanishing during the mission due to the tampering, Batman and John returned to their time, the only ones bearing the knowledge of what had happened.

With this knowledge, John became awkward around both Vixen and Shayera. It would not be until over a year later that he would inform Shayera of his discovery after witnessing himself as the reincarnation of Vashari in Egypt. However, John refused to be destiny's puppet and decided to stay with Vixen until he chose otherwise.

Earth 12 Future

John met up with Mari following one of her fashion shows in Paris. He planned to propose to her after dinner, only for the Shadow Thief to teleport in and murder her. Before she passed out, Mari revealed she figured out John's intentions and accepted the proposal. He rushed her to the Justice League Watchtower, but she still succumbed to her injuries. Green Lantern returned to the crime scene with Hawkgirl, only to be confronted by Adam Strange.[1] He revealed that Shadow Thief escaped using Zeta-Beams and had been tracked to the home of the Gruktharr. Attracting the natives, Shadow Thief took the opportunity to capture Hawkgirl. He began to gloat that their weapons couldn't harm him, only for John to shoot him with a Nth Metal bullet.[2]

Adam Strange tried to take them back to Earth, but were intercepted by the Guardians of the Universe. As punishment for taking a life, Stewart was stripped of his ring. Later, John and Shayera went to Zambesi for Mari's funeral. They ended up staying longer than expected and rekindled their romance. The two retired from the League and had Rex, who they raised in the village.[2]

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In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight! Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light!


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