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Quote1 To serve and protect. Isn't that the oath you took? We can do that and more, John. Take my power as your own. Become... the Emerald Knight! Quote2
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John Stewart is a Coast City policeman on Earth 3 who found a mystical ring which empowered him with the energy of the Overlords of Oa, becoming a ruthless vigilante known as the Emerald Knight.

John Stewart was born in Coast City on Earth 3 where he became a member of the Coast City Police Department as he wanted to serve and protect people; he also had a daughter, Liza.

At some point in the past, despite believing in justice, John had to make a deal with a crime lord, taking his money in order to pay the medical bills for his daughter as the girl needed urgent surgery for her damaged leg: however, he quickly repaid his debt with the boss as he did not want to owe him anymore.

Some time later, around early 2021, as John and his daughter were leaving a food market, the son of the crime lord mocked him for having had business with his father. John attacked him and led him to a nearby alley where the policeman strongly beat him: as his daughter came and asked him to stop beating the boy, a green light coming from a power ring in the sky suddenly called John's name, revealing to him that he was chosen to be one of the Emerald Knights.

As the son of the crime lord told John that his father would have killed both him and his daughter, the mystical ring used these threats to convince John to accept their offer and join their ranks. The policeman grabbed the ring and put it on his finger, being imbued with an enormous amount of energy that he quickly used to burn the man alive. As a green uniform now covered his body, John Stewart used part of his new found energy to create a green construct that restored Liza's ability to walk and, then, he flew away, having now become the Emerald Knight.[1]

Stewart had become a full-fledged vigilante, murdering everyone he deemed corrupted in the name of the Overlords of Oa. His exploits were quickly noticed by the Gotham City vigilante, Owlman,[2] and an assassin from another Earth, Bloodsport.[3]

Five months later, he stopped a fellow policeman during the arrest of a common thug: Emerald Knight used his Power Ring to fly away with them and, after telling them they were being respectively punished for preying on others and being a corrupted officer, the vigilante left them fall to their deaths despite the police offer's supplications. In the meantime, the Starro Collective was invading the planet, mind controlling some of the deadliest metahumans on Earth, but avoiding Coast City as they feared Emerald Knight's power: the Power Ring convinced John to be the Earth's real protector so the Emerald Knight quickly reached Arnold, D.C. and began destroying the Starros.[2] However, his Ring was hacked by a mysterious voice who revealed to him that he was not the first Emerald Knight of Earth and he could override the Overlords' influence; as the Emerald Knight was ambushed by a team of controlled metas, the voice downloaded informations about Starro on his ring, making him aware about their status as world-conquering beasts and weaknesses.[4] Later, Emerald Knight helped Owlman, Superwoman and Ultraman take on the Starro's Queen and used all of his Oan energy to finally destroy the invaders; he also asked Owlman informations about his Oan Battery.[5]

One month after the Starro's invasion, after the Coast City Police Department assaulted Johnny Quick and Atomica, Emerald Knight was ambushed by the United States Air Force who wanted to capture him: despite having vowed to defend Earth from all the threats, the Air Force attacked him and forced him to destroy its aircrafts. Later, John was approached by Thaal Sinestro, the mysterious voice that helped him during the invasion and the first being to betray the Overlords: the Korugaran told him that he could resist their influence and stand with him against them.

That evening, Emerald Knight returned to his former house but he was rejected by his daughter, Liza: this event led him to accept Sinestro's offer and join, along with him, Alexander Luthor's new team, the Legion of Justice.[1]

During their first mission, the Legion came to Central City and attacked Johnny Quick and Atomica into the former's barn: Emerald Knight used all of his power to prevent Johnny Quick from escaping and, later, as they escaped from his construct prison and were running away, he fired an energy beam at the evil speedster that ultimately murdered him. Later, Alexander Luthor scolded John for having murdered both of their targets, asking him to not join them into their next mission: as they fought over John's role, the Crime Syndicate attacked their base, forcing John to use its Emeral Knight power to save Power Tower from dying into the open space and rush to help Sinestro who was confronting Superwoman.[6]






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