Quote1 This is it, John. This is the moment you show everyone on Earth why you were chosen to replace me, were I ever killed. Or incapable of stewarding the ring. The entire world is in your hands, John. Quote2
-- Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) src

The Legion of Doom kidnapped all friends and relatives of the members of the League and mind-controlled the youngest generation of heroes to watch over them. John hadn't got a power ring at his disposal and was captured together with everyone else.

Eventually Green Arrow and Black Canary found the place where the Legion's hostages were locked and handed Hal's Power Ring to John. John quickly used the Ring to destroy the mindworms controlling Supergirl, Batgirl, Robin and other young heroes and wipe the knowledge of the League's identities from their enemies' minds. Afterwards he sent the Ring back Hal when his friend was fighting Sinestro.




Oath unknown.



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