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John Stewart was the last living member of the hooded Lanterns of the Green, a group of archers who rebelled against the Nazi Party.

Thirty years after their victory World War II, the Nazi Party extended their rule across the whole world thanks to the creation of a golden power ring infused with the power of a demon. To oppose their regime, the hooded Lanterns of the Green, led by Oliver Queen, swore an oath to fight against all evil. The same night Oliver passed its leadership on to John, a party of Nazi soldiers commandeered by Guy Gardner slaughters the Lanterns, Queen included, leaving only a few of them alive as prisoners. John, however, managed to escape and take refuge at the house of his lover, Carol Ferris.

That same night, Guy Gardner, wearing a green ring infused with the souls of the captured hooded Lanterns, found Carol and John and took them both as prisoners for torture and execution. However, Hal Jordan came to their rescue, wearing the original golden ring Himmler created. Breaking free from his bonds, John killed Karelia with an iron arrow. Unfortunately, Guy killed Hal with that same bolt. John then took the golden ring from Hal's corpse and put it on. Swearing the oath of the Lanterns of the Green, John fought two battles: an external one against Guy and his green power ring, and an internal one, resisting the influence and corruption of Karelia's dream. John emerged victorious on both fronts, and the souls of the hooded Lanterns trapped in Guy's ring passed on to John's, along with the souls of Hal Jordan and its predecessors. Having defeated the Nazi dream, John swore to shed his light of hope and freedom for all mankind.






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