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John Stone was a super spy at the employ of S.T.O.R.M.Watch (a earlier incarnation of StormWatch).

He first met Elijah Snow in 1969 while battling a terrorist known as The Bride, who had tried to escape into The Bleed. The Bride killed many of Stone's men, but Stone himself was able to get the upper hand. As The Bride tried to escape, she was frozen and killed by Elijah Snow, who had stowed away on her vessel, seeking revenge for a murdered girlfriend. For many years after this, Stone was a key ally and possibly friend of Snow's.

John Stone was later reveal to have been being in the employ of The Four since at least 1965. In return for his services, Stone has barely aged since then and is presumably immortal in a way similar to the Century Babies (though he has stated he is not a century baby himself). Under the Four, he carried out tasks that required his special brand of espionage. He later tried to rebel against them, but his capitulation was insured through constant satellite surveillance and a bomb implanted in his chest.

Planetary confronted Stone for association with the Four. He attempted to escape but was subdued, and his bomb that was in his chest was removed. He elaborated to Elijah about the Four's origins and their goals. After this he laments that the reason he helped Snow to regain his memories so that he could save his (Stone's) life from the Four.[1]




  • Super Spy
  • Gadget Master
  • Psychological Manipulation
  • Weapons Specialist


  • Blitzen Suit: A special uniform that creates a two-second magnetic teleportation effect for the wearer to warp to and from certain distances. The aura generated enables it's wearer to slice through anyone
  • Devil's Paw: A cybernetic hand that is a prosthetic replacement for Stone's right hand, and is said to have been belong to an individual who killed a 108 people with it.


  • Equalizer Disc: An artificially intelligent voice activated laser armament that can be programmed to target specified marks.
  • Raygun