Quote1 Thunderbolt?! Thunderbolt, where did you go? CEI-U! CEI-U THUNDERBOLT! COME BACK PLEASE! I didn't mean to throw you away! Quote2
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Johnny Thunder was born in 1917, and unknown to the world, was a member of the Justice Society, and his partner was genie Thunderbolt. Eventually, he did a unknown action to the Justice Society due to the angry words of Joe McCarthy (which is implied to have involved unmasking himself), and then began to go throughout rest homes for 37 years. He told tales of the Justice Society, but no one believed him except his great-grandson. Wally West I appears to Johnny, telling him to find the Justice Society, and tries to get Johnny to help him, but two workers of Johnny's current home, "Good Life", burst in, startling Johnny. He is pulled away and yells for Thunderbolt to come back, yelling "CEI-U!". Later, he gets up on to the roof of Good Life, yelling for Thunderbolt to come back, but the workers appear, surprised that he got up to the roof, and surprised that he has so much strength for a 90 year old. Johnny states the loss of the Justice Society is his fault, and says to the lightning Wally West, to find the Society.

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